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with StoplightGO!

Making a side income with StoplightGO is SIMPLE and FUN! Get your Starting Position in StoplightGO with RED, YELLOW, GREEN.

Red Light

Everyone joining StoplightGO starts at RED LIGHT.

When you first join the waiting list for FREE, this is called RED LIGHT. Here you come in as a Spectator (customer) and get access to our shops and products. You can remain a customer as long as you like.

At the RED light, you will be eligible to start recommending others to try our products by inviting them to StoplightGO, Plus you have the opportunity to Join as a Test Driver or Driver!

Pick one of our Fast Start Packages and get become a StoplightGO Driver today!

Yellow Light

Go YELLOW LIGHT and Become a Test Driver.

 A Test Driver subscription is only $9.99 a Month! Once you’ve become a “Test Driver” you can start earning commission on Retail Sales from customers and other Drivers that you have invited to StoplightGO.

As a Test Driver you receive a $200 Credit Voucher annually with Voyager for your Hotel or Resort stay world wide! Plus you get special discount pricing at all CFORTH Marketplace stores!

Move up to the next step to Driver and earn even more!

Green Light

Gop GREEN LIGHT become a Pro Driver!

When you go GREEN you’re a Driver!

As a Driver, you get all the benefits of a Test Driver, Plus you’ve unlocked more ways of earning income – Fast Track Bonus, Racing Circuit income, E-Commerce Commission, and you have the opportunity to become an OWNER!

Being an OWNER is the Ultimate position in StoplightGO. Not only do you earn income on your racing circuit but you also earn an additional 20% from your first lane, 10% on your second lane and 10% on your third lane!

Learn more about StoplightGO, and how our commission plan works, please watch the videos below.

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